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Cannaware Society Presents

Cannaware Society Presents Cannatalk Vol. 14: What You Need To Know About New York’s Cannabis Law Pt. 4: Indoor vs. Outdoor Cultivation. Moderated by Saki Fenderson on Sunday, January 30th at 7pm ET via Zoom.

Our virtual panel discussion will feature a knowledgeable and experienced set of panelists, who will speak to the advantages and disadvantages of Indoor & Outdoor Cultivation, and how we must find a solution to climate and racial justice that include Black, Hispanic and indigenous New york residents who live in urban areas.

In October, New York’s Cannabis Control Board (CCB) voted unanimously to file the proposed regulations, which would allow qualified patients to cultivate up to six plants—indoors or outdoors—for their own therapeutic use. There will be a 60-day public comment period after the rules are published. Then the board will review those comments, make any necessary revisions and officially file the regulations to take effect.

As we get closer to home growing, commercial farming and production in New York, it is important that we shed light on the decades of debate about indoor farming vs outdoor. Some legalization advocates argue that indoor grows are environmentally harmful, and promote outdoor farming, which does not require the payment of high urban rents or the use of specialty lights, expensive systems for filtering water and air, and the higher energy costs accompanying those systems that indoor grows may demand. On the opposing side, many advocates recognize that city dwellers may be limited in their access to farmland. As a result, these advocates for indoor and home grow view the idea that people marginalized by cannabis prohibition should be willing to up and leave their communities to get in on the gold rush of legal marijuana is an unrealistic and perhaps privileged suggestion.

Our virtual panel discussion will feature a knowledgeable and experienced set of panelists, who will speak to the advantages and disadvantages of Indoor & Outdoor Cultivation, and how we must find a solution to climate and racial justice that include Black, Hispanic and indigenous New York residents who live in urban areas.

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Saki Fenderson (moderator)

Saki Fenderson is an award-winning speaker, author, cannabis educator and community activist with more than a decade of experience providing information, resources and empowerment for individuals looking to explore the health and wellness benefits of plant based medicine. Saki has been an outspoken advocate for legalization rooted in social and economic justice since 2013. She channeled her research background into exploring the science, history and culture of cannabis. Learning of the racist origins of cannabis prohibition and its use as a tool for suppressing communities of color spurred her advocacy and desire to educate and empower. Saki combined her culinary talent and commitment to social justice by launching Tainted Love BK, a company that provides cannabis education and instruction while working to expand safe and legal access to the plant for vulnerable communities.

Losia Nyankale

Losia Nyankale emerged into the cannabis community in Washington D.C., as a resident taking
advantage of the newly legalized home grow laws in 2015. The aftermath of being featured on Viceland Weediquette gave her access to a platform in the home-grow space. The growithLisa brand was created! Under that brand she has since hosted several home grow trade shows to connect local growers with reputable grow consultants in the D.C., market. As a two time award winning home grower, she has also consulted and taught students how to free themselves from the system and grow their own! After relocating to Maryland her grow journey was put on pause due to the lack of cultivation laws for residents. That is when she created Cannaration, a functional art and home decor company. Her hand designed creations use real cannabis leaves from local D.C. home growers to help spark the conversation around home-grow legalization. Losia, then joined the advocacy fight and has started working with her local NORML chapter to help get home grow rights legalized in Maryland.

Damian Fagon

Damian Fagon is a 3rd-generation farmer with a background in economics and agriculture. Since 2017, he has scaled cannabis operations in South Carolina, New York and the Caribbean. In 2018, he founded Gullybean, a licensed 10-acre hemp farm in the Hudson Valley. Damian serves as a Board Member for the New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association (NYCGPA), where he advocates for access-driven policy at every step of the supply chain. He holds an MPA from Columbia University and a BA from the University of Virginia.

Luis Vega 3rd

Luis is a hemp farmer and operator of WEPA! Farms which is a hemp company located in Connecticut. Luis was one of 109 growers awarded a license to cultivate hemp in Connecticut as part of the CT Department of Agriculture’s 2019 hemp pilot program. After obtaining a processing license, WEPA! was able to process its first harvest in the winter of 2019, and Luis and his team continue to do their own extraction and processing, crafting finished products that can be brought directly to consumers. In addition to growing and processing high-quality hemp, Luis is an active member of the advocacy group CURE CT, the Minority Cannabis Business Association, and Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana. He is a founding member of the CT Cannabis Consultants, which works to establish a thriving industry of entrepreneurs in the United States, and the CT Cannabis Conference, an event dedicated to creating connections and encouraging social networking within the industry. Luis is also co-host of Cannabis Corner: New Haven on WNHH 103.5FM Community Radio. Luis received his B.S. in hospitality management and food service management from the University of New Haven.

Alexis Mena

Alexis Mena is an Afro-Taino Community Curandera, a two-spirited medicine person. Their focus is on utilizing indigenous technology and recent advancements in urban agriculture to create models of food, energy, and economic sovereignty. Having built their first hydroponic grow system when they were 14, Alexis has over 20 years of experience designing and building growing systems. Alexis Mena is a cofounder of Universe City, a Food Hub and Green Tech Incubator space in Brooklyn NY, created for the advancement of Sovereignty and Innovation in communities like Brownsville & East New York; communities that have historically been systematically disenfranchised and extracted from.

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